Creating a user segment

Learn how to create user segments to run your in-app campaigns on

To create a segment using default properties

  • Goto user-segment page (Or simply select user-segment from the navigation panel). To create a new segment click on the New button.
  • Give a name to your segment. Keep it simple and readable for easy reference. For example, Users who purchased/transacted in the last one day.
  • Once you have named your segment, click on the Add Rules button.
  • You will see a list of default Properties Tags that can be used directly.

To create a segment using custom properties

  • If the default properties tags are not enough for your use case, you can create your own custom property. To do that simply click on Add.
  • You can give a name to your property. Again use simple and readable words. For example, Cart value.
  • Choose a Value Type from the dropdown. Please note Leap currently allows below value types for a custom property.
    • Integer (only for integral values)
    • String (for characters, strings, float, double, boolean values)
    • Time (timestamp)
  • Add a short description of the custom property. This will help you to easily refer to the property. Click on Create when done.
  • You have successfully created a custom property. A code snippet is generated after the addition of each new property. Now you need to add it to your codebase for reference. You can decide to do it later as well. Click on Done to finish adding a custom property.
  • To add rules to the custom property click on the respective property. Choose a condition and add a value as required.
Make sure you enter the value corresponding to the value type. The property will not work otherwise.
  • You can similarly add more conditions for your segment using And or OR. Once you are done, click on Create.
  • Your custom user with custom properties has been created.
If you have used custom properties in the segment, please ensure that the reference for the property is added to your code before using the segment.