Insights Overview

Learn more about how your users are interacting with in-app experiences created on Leap.
With Leap's insights, you can see your key project's performance over time, by deployments, in the number of unique users. This will give you better insights into the performance, engagement, and success of your project so that you can drive your product to further success with Leap!
Once you land on the insights page, you will see something as below
Data will only be published on the insights page once the project is deployed and the flows or elements are seen by a user.

The Primary graph

The primary graph gives you a visual representation of how your projects performed over time in terms of engagement with unique users and the impressions for a particular time frame.

Deployments Overview Insights

In your recent deployments section, you can take a quick glance at key metrics like users seen, flow opt-ins and flow completion. You will also be able to see the app version and the rollout percentage for these deployments. In case you want to see detailed metrics for each deployment, read ahead.

Deployments Detailed Insights

This insights section helps you take a deep dive into each deployment's performance. You can filter the metrics on the basis of language or user/sessions.

Flow Analysis

Flows are made up of a sequence of elements or a single element. When a flow is triggered Leap generates certain events like flow seen, flow opt-ins, flow opt-outs, flow completion, icon disabled, etc. Flow analysis helps you understand a user's interaction with a flow.

Step Breakdown

The Step Breakdown gives you an overview of your steps at an individual level within a flow. You can use this powerful tool to see where your users are dropping off, if there are any particular issues with the flow itself, or just see how successful you're being with these steps. For each step, you can see the number of users who have seen the step along with the percentage completion.
Want to send Leap events to your own analytics tool or data warehouse? Try Leap callbacks from here.