Publishing projects

Learn how to roll out and publish projects to your end users

To publish a project:

  • Go ahead and click on Publish button. You will see two options in the menu "Publish directly" and "Publish via project ID", click on Publish directly to proceed.
  • Now select one of the segments you want to target. By default, there are pre-built segments available for you to use. In case you want to use a custom segment, you need to create them beforehand.
  • On the configure tab you can select your rollout percentage. This helps you publish your project for a percentage of your segment.
  • If you are creating multiple projects and want them to be initialized in a particular order, just add the priority to each project. (Priority 1 > 2 > 3 > n) This is an optional step.
  • Click on Go Live to publish your project. Within seconds your project will be published.
Awesome! You have successfully published a project. You can come back later to see how your projects have performed.