Multi-lingual Audio Support

Learn how you can add multi-lingual audio to any of your projects
Leap has out-of-the-box support for adding audio to your projects. This feature is available across all types of projects.
For your end-users, language switching is allowed only on the Onboarding & Training project type. In all other project types, you can add audio in a single language only. But you can always create different projects to support different languages and target your users.
The implementation remains the same across all project types. For now, let's look at how you can add audio to a step inside an onboarding project.

To add audio to your project:

  • Go to the design tab after capturing and identifying your screen, and select a template to begin.
  • Let's say we selected a popup template. On the right-hand side, you will see a Language Support section. Click on the + Language button to add another language of your choice. The default language is English.
Adding a new language to a project
  • It's time to add audio. Click on the Audio tab on the left or ♪ icon. You will see a new Audio section on the right. You can add audio using three ways:
    • Upload your audio file
    • Generate using in-built TTS (Text-to-speech)
    • Just add text and end-users device TTS will generate audio
For this example, click on Generate button, add the required text to be converted and click on Generate. Your audio will be generated and ready to preview.
The text box for generating audio allows only the English language to be typed directly. For other languages, use any available transliteration service online and paste the text in the required field.
Great! you learned how to add audio to your projects.