App Version

See how Leap supports app versioning and what are its benefits

What is an app version?

An app version is a single number that identifies a particular build uniquely.

Why does the app version matter for our platform?

The starting point of any app creation on the Leap dashboard requires you to enter your app version. This app version must be the same as the app version of the integrated build.
You can create different projects for different app versions or even clone a project to use it in a newer version.
Duplicating a project creates a copy of a project with all screens and the identifiers intact. If you are moving the cloned project to a different or a newer version, ensure that you verify the experience by previewing it.
App version settings on projects page
If you have integrated both Leap SDKs properly, you can check out your app version in the push notification on your device.
To do this, open the app in which the Leap SDK is integrated.