In-app experience / Projects

What is an In-app experience or a Project?

In Whatfix's context, an in-app experience or a project refers to creating well-thought-out engaging touchpoints for your users in order to increase activations, adoption, and engagement.
Broadly the in-app experience or projects are made out of two entities:
  1. 1.
    Project types
  2. 2.
Using the above two entities you can create world-class in-app experiences for your users. These can be used for a variety of use-cases such as:
  • New user onboarding through Onboarding and Training (Project type) using interactive walkthroughs (Element) or checklists (Element)
  • Drive users attention using through Nudges (Project type) Tooltips (Element) or Beacons (Elements)
You can find more use-cases in detail below:
Did you know: You can even add confetti at the end of a successful transaction or order or even add fireworks or snow for a festive mood. Literally, just like that.